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Low Rise Architecture

Modern single storey house with solar panels and wall battery for energy storage.

To prevent catastrophic damage that would lead to a whole building collapsing, people continue to choose seismic bracing. In small buildings, an earthquake can completely take out the entire infrastructure leaving you with irreparable damage to the infrastructure and any items you have inside the building. Or even worse, cause serious injury or death to anyone during the time of an earthquake.

Despite these horrifying risks of not having earthquake protection bracing, some buildings are still unprotected. While bracing does not remove 100% of damage occurrence, seismic bracing strongly improves your infrastructure and will hold up to much stronger environmental forces than buildings would without seismic bracing installed. Our bracing safely secures your building and reduces chances of collapse, preventing unnecessary damage.

Some may think that rigid bracing is the best option for small buildings, because you will not need to carry countless pipes to the job site. While it is true that it would be much quicker installing rigid bracing in low-rise architecture compared to high rises, our seismic bracing cable is much faster. Installing our bracing cable in low rise buildings is also very simple. Our cable comes in 250ft. spools for easy installations and with the correct attachment hardware, you can quickly install our cable in a building. The ease of installation, alongside the benefit of only needing one crew member to complete installations will allow you to move quickly to the next job. Thereby, saving you time and gaining you money.

Some types of buildings that our seismic bracing cable has been installed in are churches, houses, conference centers, memorials, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the applications that Seismic Bracing supports, you can check out our high-rise architecture page here or our healthcare page here. Alternatively, go to our product page to check out our seismic bracing cable options.