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Sept. 18-21 2021
San Antonio, TX


The Seismic Bracing Cable manufactured by Loos & Co. is the code-compliant answer you are looking for when it comes to the seismic requirements of nearly all overhead, non-structural building components.

Loos & Co. offers the best cost-saving and time-saving seismic bracing in the industry. Confidently use Loos & Co.’s bracing for the seismic bracing of:

Loos & Co.’s Seismic Bracing Cable is already specified by designers and architects in many new construction projects, and it is the perfect choice for RETROFIT projects where design flexibilities are few.

Unlike many rigid pipe or strut type braces, Loos' bracing can be used in many applications where:

Loos & Co.'s Seismic Bracing Cable is a natural choice for your seismic bracing needs:

Thanks again for looking at Loos & Co.’s Seismic Bracing Cable. 

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